Top Hat Stage School Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it that Top Hat is “TOPS”! Have a read at what some our parents think and our students:

"Without Top Hat, James would not have been able to achieve his full potential and appear in Oliver in the West End!" Jenny Hodge, Potters Bar.

Top Hat is all round good fun for our son for drama, singing & dancing and making great friends of all ages, he always wants to go to Top Hat sessions even when he was under the weather, whatever the weather!! Robert loves Top Hat - that says everything to us as parents in that he loves it!!

Karen Rice .

Running a workshop for the kids from the Top Hat Stage School was such fun! The children were eager to learn and quick to pick up new skills. Warren has assembled a very engaging, bright, enthusiastic and talent group of young people. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Andrea Clarke, Top London Casting Director.

'What I love best about Top Hat is the dancing. I've had a lot of fun tap dancing' by Jasmine Price age 5.

'What can we say, our 11 year old in the west end and our 4 year old gaining confidence every week, all with the help of Warren and his Top Hat team.' Richard Coppen.

Saturdays have not been the same since Josh started Top Hat. He loves it all, from the wonderful new friendships through to the performances. The opportunities he has experienced are ones he has dreamt about! The new skills and experiences have developed his confidence and maturity in all aspects of his life. Thank You." - Sally Smyth.

Top hat is my favourite club. My friends said to me the other day, 'where do you get your confidence from', and I said Top Hat! I love the fact that I can do acting, singing and dancing, all in one club.' Susie Holm Aged 9.

At top hat you meet the most amazing people but not just with the top hat you go to, with all the other top hat schools. Every Friday we have so much fun but we also get things done in order to put on a immense show! :) Emily Holm. Aged 14.

"Alfie loves Top Hat, he looks forward to Friday evenings, he enjoys singing & with the help & support of all the Teacher's he's really improved". Emma Hone, Alfie Hawkins Mum.

George looks forward to coming to Top Hat every week! The teachers are always very approachable and the End of Term Shows are always extremely professional!' Louise Morley, Potters Bar.

I enjoy Top Hat very much, especially the singing lessons-Deans really cool!! George 10, Potters Bar.

Both my children love going to Top Hat. My eldest daughter who is 14, considers her Top Hat friends to be her main group of closest friends. They are all very nice, loyal and fun loving children, and the confidence Top Hat has given both my girls, in terms of performing on stage, but more importantly in increasing and promoting their self esteem, is immeasurable. Julia Holm, Potters Bar.

“Fabulous amazing productions, they work the kids hard but Olivia loves it! She has been there 6 years now”! Jane Joy, Stevenage.

I love Fridays because it's Top Hat and I really enjoy learning a lot of things with the teachers who are so nice and I've made so many good friends there." by Holly McAdam, 12.

"My son Jimmy always counts down how many sleeps he has to his next top hat session ........He loves it so much" Carly Parker, Hertford.

"Our daughter has gained SO much more self-confidence since she started going to Top Hat " by parents of Holly McAdam.

"Warren is doing everything to help the Top Hatters to achieve their dreams, like my children Chloe and Benjamin, they both are so looking forward to their lessons every Saturday and as for me i look forward to my little chats with the teachers and all Top Hat employees they are very friendly and it is a family like environment" Filiz Campbell, Stevenage.

Evalyn hugely enjoys going to Top Hat. Her skills has developed amazingly and her confidence has increased tenfold. Thank you Warren and everyone else. Carla Goldby Solomon.

"Top Hat gives you a confidence and self assurance that you take with you in every aspect of life" Adam Kayani, 14.

My son, Robert has made some great friends outside of school at Top Hat, he has freedom at Top Hat to express himself theatrically and naturally without holding back and been restricted, feeling safe and supported by Top Hat staff and students. Cliff Rice.

"Liam Has Loved every moment of being a Tiny Topper. The Teachers are fantastic and he's truly developed as a "performer". Tracey Selwyn.

Since Charlotte has been going to Top Hat her confidence has grown enormously. She now looks at us in productions or even at the school assembly which she wouldn't before and as a direct result of this Hugo, my 4 year old, comes home each week and shows me his dance routine. He was so excited last week to tell me he had some lines for the next play. Deborah Jennings.

"I love doing the drama aspect of Top Hat. I love pretending to be someone else" by Ashley Price, 9.

"Our daughter Harriet says Top Hat is the highlight of her week and that she thinks the teachers are great. " Tina Slater. Harriets mum.

My daughter has been at top hat for two and a half years and loves it, she looks forward to going every week,she has learnt so much and has developed in confidence due to the fantasic teaching thank you all so much hayley (morgan winterburn’s mum).

I would just like to say that , I have three girls that all go to Top hat stage school ages 4/6/11 and every Saturday they always look forward to an afternoon of dancing, singing and drama which, has given them lots of confidence. Louise Seymour (Maya Beresford’s mum).

The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff and pupils is a joy to see. Lyn Coogan.

I can’t praise highly enough the help, professionalism, effort , commitment and support that the Top Hat ‘team’ have provided to Laura during her time at the Stage School and as part of the Agency. Warren’s friendly and accessible nature is simply the icing on the cake. Laura is having the time of her life. Thank-you”. Ian & Tracey Mackie.

Since Warren Bacci has taken over Top Hat, there have been a great many improvements especially with the launch of Top Talent Agency and Top talent Modelling Division. My 13 year old daughter has been very lucky to have been taught by talented teachers who themselves have been or are still in the profession which is a credit to the running of Top Hat. Michelle Schlehmeyer.