Summer Holiday Stage School Courses


Top Hat’s HOLIDAY COURSES are intensive one week courses where students aged 4 – 17 have to put on a show in this time. They have to learn the lines, the songs and dance routines, before performing it in front of a live audience on the last day.

It is great fun, especially for meeting new friends, building confidence and also great training for those who want to take Performing arts to another level. We ensure that every child has lots to do in the show and it is a very intense week, but also very rewarding, as they work hard to put on a great show for all friends and families to come and enjoy.

Working in prestigious theatres and stages also gives them loads of self confidence and allows them to learn new skills in the performing arts.

No audition necessary! Everyone is welcome. All we ask, is that they bring their enthusiasm!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens on the course itself?

A: On the first day, all the children will be taken through some warm up games so that they can get to know one another before cracking down with the content. All the children will have chance to read and sing for the teachers and they will cast over the lunch period on the first day. All children will be considered for parts and everyone will have plenty to do. They will rehearse and block all the content during the days of the course. On the final day they are taken into the performance space and work with the costumes, lights, props and sound to get ready for the big performance that evening.

Q: Is this course suitable for children who have never performed before or are very shy?

A: Very definitely. About 60% of the children on holiday courses with us have never performed before and are taking part to increase their confidence. On the first day we will work with everyone to buddy them up and make sure they are not on their own throughout the course. Then as we work towards the final production we emphasis the fun element so that there is no pressure in getting to the stage - the kids have to see it as a fun place to be, not scary.

Q: My child is very experienced, will they get much out of a course like this?

A: We run our courses so that they are accessible to all abilities and ages. Children with lots of experience and ability will be challenged, however it's equally important they learn that stage work is a team effort - no one should feel a part is too small. We can't guarantee parts before casting, but everyone will have lines offered to them in the show.

Q: Is there any hidden costs, such as costumes?

A: Your course fee includes everything to do with the course itself, costumes, mics, sets and lights, scripts are all provided by us and the excellent venues we work in. All the music is made available in downloadable format.

Course Details


7th - 11th August 2023

4-5 year olds - 10am-1pm

6- 17 year olds - 10am - 3pm


St Albans - Sandpit Theatre, Sandringham School, The Ridgeway, St. Albans AL4 9NX


£150 for 6-16 years (£130 for CURRENT Top Hat weekend school members)

£100 for 4-5 years