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2020 Summer Term Motown

Previous Shows

2019 Winter Term Cinderella
2019 Summer Course Lion King
2019 Summer Term Annie
2019 Summer Term Top Hat at Indigo O2
2018 Winter Term Music Videos
2018 Summer Course Mary Poppins
2018 Summer Term Love, Loss and Laughter
2018 Easter Course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2017 Winter Term Sleping Beauty
2017 Summer Course The Jungle Book Gallery
2017 Summer Term Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Gallery
2016 Winter Term Dick Whittington & The Pied Piper
2016 Summer Course The Little Mermaid
2016 Summer Term Electric 80's
2015 Winter Term Oliver Twist Gallery
2015 Summer Course Aladdin
2015 Summer Term Musical Moments Gallery
2014 Winter Term Rapunzel & The Beanstalk Gallery
2014 Summer Course Mulan Gallery
2014 Summer Term 20 year Anniversay @ Drury Lane Gallery
2014 Youth Theatre Little Shop of Horrors Gallery