Holly Oleisky

Tiny Topper Teacher

Holly has been performing since she was a little girl when she started her first dance lessons (at the age of 8), where they used to put on dance shows and she learnt Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Holly started getting singing coaching at the age of 10 where she went to a private singing tutor and then when she moved into secondary school she had more singing lessons each week there.

At the age of 11 Holly started going to a stage school on weekends where they would put on performances of different musicals. Holly has been in many different productions such as; Jekyll & Hyde, Bugsy Malone, Our Day Out, Annie, Aladdin as well as performing for her secondary school shows. Also during her last year of school Holly was entered in a competition named 'Young Musician of the year award' which she won at a district level.

Holly is now in her second year at the university of Wolverhampton where she is studying musical theatre and Holly also volunteers in local hospitals where she goes around the wards and sing to the people staying there.